Visionary Design and Exceptional Engineering

Advanced Optics

Light engines are at the heart of what powers every augmented reality product.  Building upon years of light engine design and manufacturing, Avegant offers cutting edge technologies that enable compact, efficient, and manufacturable AR light engines.

Avegant has experience with multiple microdisplay technologies, and its technologies apply to LCoS, DLP, µLED, and laser-based displays.

Foveated Display Technology

Avegant's display solution leverages how human vision naturally works and combines patented active optics and software algorithms to decouple field-of-view from resolution.

Advantages of Foveated Displays

Display technologies are soon limited by pixel density and power challenges. Dynamically foveated displays enables a significant increase in effective resolution, while simultaneously decreasing pixel count, allowing products with much larger fields-of-view.

Light Field

Avegant Light Field technology puts stunningly vivid virtual objects right in front of you, and solves one of Mixed Reality’s greatest technical challenges: Enabling virtual objects to appear real at distances both near and far.

Visionary Performance

The clear visualization of virtual objects across multiple focal planes makes the entire experience feel natural and opens up a universe of interactivity.

Eye Tracking Technology

Enabling full-featured augmented reality experiences requires precise placement of augmented images -- where the user is looking. Using optical flow, Avegant's fast and accurate eye-tracking system matches the speed of the eye to ensure the image is always where it should be.


• Reduce system power requirements

• Increase accuracy of camera based systems

• Low latency

Low Power Relative Eye-tracking using VCSEL Technology

DLP Technology

In addition to its experience with other microdisplay technologies, Avegant pioneered the development of near eye displays using DLP technology.

Offering more brightness than other displays,
DLP is a key technology alternative for augmented reality outdoor applications.

Exclusive licensee to patents enabling the use of DLP in near-eye displays, ideal for retinal resolution, large field-of-view augmented reality displays.

View our patents covering these technologies