AVEGANT Light Field Technology

Avegant Light Field Technology puts stunningly vivid virtual objects right in front of you, and solves one of mixed reality’s greatest technical challenges: Enabling virtual objects to appear real at distances both near and far.

The clear visualization of virtual objects across multiple focal planes makes the entire experience feel natural, and opens up a universe of interactivity. Light Field Technology gives virtual objects the correct focus to match their distance, making them appear real, and opening up a wide spectrum of professional and personal uses.

A new mixed reality platform.

Designing with Light Field

Develop and refine concepts with visual models at your fingertips. Transform traditional 2D models and sketches into 3D assets visualized in the real world.

Engineering with Light Field

Create blueprints and schematics for structures, systems, machines, and equipment while collaborating with other engineers, drafters, and team members. Increase productivity and efficiency while streamlining the entire design and development process.

Light Field in Healthcare

Directly overlay and interact with information on charts, medical devices, and even patients themselves. Effortlessly collaborate with others, regardless of geography, to train, diagnose, and deliver care in revolutionary new ways.

Communication with Light Field

Simplify communication with the ability to bring anyone together regardless of geography while streamlining your workflows. Work faster, together, and in the most natural way - all in real time.