Avegant’s new platform will allow you to interact with your media and data in new ways, and allow for new forms of storytelling.  This platform revolves around Avegant’s revolutionary virtual retinal display technology that interacts with your eyes in the way that they naturally function. By reflecting light into your eyes you’ll see your media and data the way they’re supposed to be experienced: lifelike and vividly.

Built and patented on cutting edge micromirror technology, this platform is a revolution in the way in which you’ll consume media. Keep an eye on this page for further announcements on the technology and for info on how to get your own device.

Avegant in the News

THE VERGE, December 18th: “Virtual Retinal Displays are also lighter, require less power, and can project a much sharper image. I’ve only seen a couple of early prototypes of the Glyph, but the picture I see already looks beautiful: high-res, colorful, and accurate, with none of the screen-door effect or pixellation of a device like the Rift.”

ENGADGET, December 18th: “…the company’s latest reveal has us throwing balls of cash at the screen”

TESTED, November 12th:  “Objects in focus looked much sharper than I would expect from 720p, and with the interpupilary distance adjusted, there was no crosstalk that I could see in the 3D. But more importantly, my eyes weren’t strained and I actually could let my pupils comfortably wander and focus on different parts of the image”

ROAD TO VR, November 12th: “…it was one of the most vivid and natural things I’ve ever seen on any display”

DISCOVERY NEWS, October 11th: “Each projected images offers two times the resolution of competing head-mounted displays, plus a seamless image compliments of precise pixel blending”

DVICE, October 10th: “Avegant’s prototype Virtual Retinal Display (VRD) is not your run-of-the mill head-mounted display (HMD)”

DIGITAL TRENDS,October 10th: “it actually projects images directly onto your retinas, which gives it a number of advantages over LCD-based headsets”

CNET, October 9th: “This truly provides a far more compelling visual experience than any headset on the market today.”

ENGADGET, October 9th: “We’ve never seen a product quite like this, and for Avegant, that’s very good news.”

LAPTOP MAG, October 9th: “The Avegant Virtual Retinal Display boasts a completely different level of realism, since it projects light directly into your eye to mimic natural vision”

ALL THINGS D, September 30th:  “Former Citigroup CTO Yobie Benjamin Joins Wearable Startup Avegant”